Most of us parents are in the throes of researching schools for next year, so I wanted to let you know about The Academy for Mathematics and Natural Sciences. It’s the first small school of its kind and is currently enrolling ninth graders for the 2013-2014 school year. It is the mission of The Academy for Mathematics and Natural Sciences to provide the greater Houston area with a quality high school dedicated to those students who wish to pursue careers in science, engineering, medicine, technical design and mathematics and to ensure that they are prepared for the rigors of the University experience by actually participating in University courses prior to their graduation. In fact, each student will enter college with a minimum of 15 semester hours of university credit thus reducing university costs and the experience needed to navigate the early years of university successfully. The school was founded because not only are curricula in the disciplines of mathematics and natural sciences on the decline in our society at large, but our ability to attract and maintain the attention and enthusiasm of the next generation of scientists and engineers is also waning under the current system of education. Students who are naturally drawn towards mathematics and natural sciences are often prevented from achieving their potential or, worse yet, have their interests in these areas stifled because their talents are not challenged due to the standard high school model of studies. The Academy’s curriculum and school model will address the need to engage and challenge these math- and science-oriented students, thus helping them reach their true potential not only with regards to their interests and skills but also for their careers in math or science.

The Academy’s curriculum is designed as a four-year program. Interspersed throughout the academic day, students will have study hall periods where they will have the opportunity to reflect on their lessons and work homework exercises under the guidance of their teachers and instructors. For more about the curriculum, please click here. There are two tracks for students: Track One is a half-day dedicated solely to math and science studies and is perfect for homeschoolers and the full day Track Two is designed as a full high school experience, with math and sciences courses as well as humanities courses such as Art History and English.

Tours are being scheduled now so please click here to set up an appointment or call headmaster Costa Papanicolaou at 866.338.2564. The Academy is centrally located at 2990 Richmond between Buffalo Speedway and Kirby Drive. Financial aid is available.

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