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Greetings and welcome to GISH PICKS: A GUIDE TO CULTURAL ACTIVITIES FOR FAMILIES, a free weekly e-newsletter/blog I created as a service to the Houston community in 2003 in which I cull from the loads of activities in our city and pick three weekend events (“PICKS”) to recommend to parents, caregivers, and educators all over Houston. I’m a mom and am always looking for cultural – yet FUN! – events for my family and I am so happy to share them with YOU. My business grows by word of mouth so please enjoy the events and please share this blog. And be sure to tell the organizations you visit that you heard about them from me. And if you’re in Facebooklandia, please sidle over there and like our GISH PICKS Facebook page and share it with your friends and family and elsewhere on social media, too. Don’t want to miss any posts? Click on the drop-down LIKE button and then check “See First” under “In Your Newsfeed.” Thanks!

It’s summer, it’s crazy, it’s full on fun! School is out and we love that (I think) but there’s the flip side of it: summer insanity! My first line of attack is to make POPSICLES. Yes, the old-fashioned kind we had as kids made out of nasty sugary grape juice. I make them at this time every year and it’s our sign that SUMMER.IS.HERE. The next thing I do is laugh. I love this blogger, Meredith Trotta, whose hilarious takes on parenting make it all better. Her “Open Letter to My Kids About Summer” is right on – read it and LOL in a big way. And I don’t know about you, but I like to tone down the drill sergeant mom in the summer so I get creative with chores. My kids do chores every day, year round, but in the summer, they’re more fun. Like “Take a photo of the sunset and talk to me about it” or “Pick a Shel Silverstein poem and draw or write about it.” How about “Write out your name and decorate it”? Or “Visit the neighbor and bring them cookies”? Make chores fun and it’s a habit they’ll keep for a lifetime.

Father’s Day is coming up so I have two great suggestions: take dad to Rienzi and buy him a bowtie. Read below for all the deets.

If you still need summer camp help, many camps still have openings. Click here to access THE SUMMER BOOK® ONLINE: A GUIDE TO HOUSTON DAY CAMPS AND CLASSES FOR KIDS AND TEENS, a guide I’ve been producing since 2003. Or you can remember my new web page: – pass it on and tell your friends. I’ll also be highlighting CAMP PICKS on my Facebook page so be sure to check in there for ideas. My guide is the largest and most accurate online searchable database in Houston and you’re gonna love it when looking for camps! And, best of all, you can surf it from anywhere.

It’s summer (did I say that already?!) so what better way to get into the groove than with a little ditty by Phineas and Ferb! Enjoy! And be sure to share it with your kids…

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Click to view video

Have a great week, love one another, please share this, and GO.FIND.FUN.

Picks for the Weekend of June 10-12, 2016

Film Reel


Every summer in Houston is a cornucopia of free and cheap movies for kids – which is a good thing for moms and dads looking for air-conditioned fun! Below is a list of festivals and films unrolling for you and your young’uns. You and your kids have no reason to be bored, my friends.


I love nature but, heck, it’s hard to enjoy nature in Houston in the summer! So I highly recommend the Nature Discovery Center “Park After Dark Owl Prowl” this Friday, June 10, 8:30pm. This night hike is for adults and kids 4 and up (it’s a great starter “hike”!) and everyone will get to learn about the animals that are out and about in Russ Pitman Park once the sun goes down. Their programs include an introduction to the animals you are likely to find on your walk and the best ways to find them, followed by a guided exploration through the park. The June 10th walk will start at 8:30pm in the Henshaw House at the north end of Russ Pitman Park. Be sure to bring bug spray and flashlights (adults only, please).

The hike is $5/person and reservations are required. You can register online here and I recommend you do so immediately as these tend to sell out.

Park After Dark Owl Prowl

MythBusters: The Explosive Exhibition


Do your kids love the TV show “MythBusters”? Then go check out the new exhibition at Space Center Houston – MythBusters: The Explosive Exhibition! It’s a great way to keep their summer brains active because they’ll use interactive technology and a hands-on approach to explore the world of science using the same methods as the hosts of Discovery Channel’s Emmy®-nominated series. Guests will find themselves immediately in the MythBusters world as they enter the exhibit through a giant corrugated shipping container vestibule in the trademark MythBusters colors: yellow and black. Caution tape, blueprints and files — along with real remnants from experiments on the show — accent the exhibition design. It’s a fascinating look at science, mysteries, and how we solve problems.

MythBusters: The Explosive Exhibition” is on view at Space Center Houston through September 5. Space Center Houston is the official visitor center of the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center – the National Aeronautics and Space Administration's center for human spaceflight activities – and is located at 1601 Nasa Road 1. The Center is open 7 days a week from 10am-7pm and starting at 9am on Saturdays and Sundays.

Tour Rienzi with Dad


Next Sunday, June 19, spend an afternoon with Dad while touring the art collection and beautiful gardens at Rienzi. Fathers enjoy complimentary admission and a cookie to take home! Collection tours begin on the half-hour from 1 to 4pm, and self-guided garden tours begin at 1pm. Visit for details.

Rienzi, 1406 Kirby Drive, is the house museum for European decorative arts and paintings of The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.

CrookedTies Father's Day Specials

GISH PICKS is a free weekly email in which I highlight family-oriented cultural events, products or services.
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