Houston Center for Photography

Camp name: Summer Camps
Mailing address:
1441 W. Alabama
Houston, Tx 77006
Area(s) of town: Central
Location: 1441 W Alabama
Categories: Arts, Educational and/or Academic
Ages: 8 - 10 | 11 & 12 | 13 & up
Provides indoor activities: yes
Provides outdoor activities: yes
Weeks of: check website for current dates
Cost: $151 to $300
Scholarships offered: no
Full day: no
Half day or less: yes
Drop-in allowed: no
Early/late care: no
Registration deadline: ongoing
Lunch provided: no
Field trips: yes
Supplies needed: 1. point and shoot camers of DSLR (preferred) 2. thumb drive to save work; 3. lunch
Dress code: none
If your child is interested in photography, we have a wonderful way for them to spend their summer. They don’t even need photographic experience! At HCP’s Summer Camps, kids will spend the summer learning to master photographic skills. To succeed in the camp they must be 3 things: interested, imaginative and teachable! Our Summer Camp offers the basics and beyond: learn processing software (Photoshop, Lightroom and Bridge) and how to fine tune pictures. Campers will learn how to capture their surroundings and never lose a moment: Discover portraiture and performance, storyboard, layout, and how to visually interpret surroundings --- using ALL your senses. Instructors make use of a variety of teaching techniques. Camps include lectures, hands-on activities, creative writing, indoor and outdoor photographic sessions, editing, and group discussions. While students build their own collection of great photos, HCP’s Summer Camp instructors will explore the rich history of the photographic art form and connect that with the work created by the students participating in camp activities.